Shreveport Civil Service and public perception...

Under the microscope...

        With the recent arrest of a Shreveport Police officer arrested in a prostitution sting and the on-going scandal accusations at fire station eight, public perception of Shreveport's Civil Service has taken many forms.

       "I do not think they're all the same and we can't lump them all together. We need to support police and fire," Fernando Crowder said.

      "I think those people had too much time on their hands to take advantage of those people. I hope they're brought to justice," Tony Marez said. 

     The process of administrative leave is something that can be agreed on. Within the police department, in 2012 twenty-nine officers were placed on leave for a variety of reasons, and only four were terminated.

    "Obviously we are imperfect people living in an imperfect world. However, what is clear is that we continue to live up to those high standards we promised people who we serve and protect. I also think it's clear that we do hold people accountable for their actions," Sgt. Bill Goodin said.

    Once an officer is placed on administrative leave and there is suspicion of criminal or improper behavior their pay stops after seven days.
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