Shreveport drivers happy to see drop in gas prices

Shreveport drivers happy to see drop in gas prices

Prices at the pump are right under $3.
Across country, gas prices are dropping, bringing a gallon of regular unleaded fuel to just under $3 in the Shreveport area.

"Uh, I feel great,” says Marc Dunbar. “I drive sports cars, so the dip helps."

"It's good enough, but I'd like for it to go down a little bit more, just a little bit,” says Shermaine Moses. “I'm not trying to be greedy, you know?"

Many prices are ranging from $2.99 to $2.93 a gallon.

"And if these price drops continue, which we're expecting, it may be a case where we could see a case that we could see by the end of the year prices that we haven't seen since 2010," says Don Redman, AAA Public Affairs Specialist.

According to Redman, there are three primary reasons drivers are paying a few cents less: We've had a quiet hurricane season, oil production in the U.S. is exceeding expectation and there's relative calmness in the Middle East.

But don't talk about the price drop to Wayne Edwards. He pays for diesel.

"Until the fuel cost gets below $2 a gallon, I don't see a real impact as far as improving in my financial status," says Edwards.

He and other drivers are looking for the prices to dip even further.

"Well, when they get to $2 a gallon, I'll be happy," says Edwards.
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