Shreveport water rates are going up

You will soon see an increase in your water bill.
You will soon see an increase in your water bill.

Tuesday afternoon members of the Shreveport City Council voted 4 to 3 for a 13 percent increase in water rates and a 55 percent increase in sewer rates.  The new rates kick in on October 1, 2013.

The goal is to raise $375 million dollars over the next twelve years to avoid fine from the EPA for violating the Clean Water Act. Almost every time is rains, all over the city sanitary overflows and raw sewerage seep into streets and neighborhood yards.

"We have a lot of citizens who are not able to pay the one-hundred dollars a month for a water bill and I represent those people. This is the biggest rate increase in this history of Shreveport and I was not comfortable with it," city councilman Joe Shyne said.

For years roughly 20,000 customers have been paying a flat rate of around $11-$12 a month, but under new legislation that is eliminated.
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