Shutdown closes museum in Hope, Arkansas

Shutdown closes museum in Hope, Arkansas

Those wanting to do some sightseeing in Hope, will have to wait.
Those wanting to do some sightseeing will have to wait.

On Tuesday, all National Parks and Federal Museums closed.

Including one in Hope, Arkansas.

Those who went to the President Clinton Birthplace Museum were greeted by this.

A sign saying they were closed because of the Government Shutdown.

"To walk by or drive by and see no one there, there's a little twinge that comes with that," said Chamber of Commerce Director Mark Keith.

People who even went online and called couldn't get through.
They were met with a message telling them that they were closed from the shutdown.

Locals say it's hard to see the museum closed, especially since that's why many visitors come to Hope.

"People will probably want to get off the Interstate to see where Bill Clinton first called home, and they'll only be able to look at it from the outside and I really hate that," said Keith.

It's unclear how long the doors will be locked at this historic site, and while the closure is unfortunate, citizens say there are other opportunities visitors can go check out.

"We have great recreation, there's another guy from here that people like to follow known as Mike Huckabee, we're an incredible place for a small town," said Keith.

Residents know the closure will have an impact on the town, but still, some aren't worried about it.

"It wont affect us too bad from a standpoint of money, standpoint of loss tax revenue," said Keith.

Previous shutdowns have lasted anywhere from a few hours, to days.

While it's not ideal, those in Hope say there's not much they can do, but wait.

The museum has two permanent and three part-time employees.

No word on what their status is.
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