Shutdown impact

Shutdown impact

So how will government shutdown impact you and your family? Jay Gray has more in this report.
So how will government shutdown impact you and your family? Jay Gray has more in this report.

With the clock ticking toward a partial shutdown of government services tonight at midnight many may be wondering just how far reaching the effects of the closures and cutbacks might be.

The White House, along with the office of management and budget will make the final call but based on previous shutdowns there is a road map to what it may look like when you wake-up tomorrow.

"If the government shuts down tomorrow I'm out of work and out of a pay check," said Bill Long who works for the Department of Labor.

"It's going to be very hard 'cause i have bills to pay, rent and i don't know how we'll make it," said EPA employee Denise Young.

With the partial government shutdown just hours away, no one in the nation's capital seems willing to blink.

So here's what we can expect when the clock strikes midnight.

The U.S. military would take an immediate hit, civilian defense workers would be furloughed while those in uniform could receive i-o-u's instead of regular paychecks.

"Makes me a little nervous because my husband's paycheck is the primary pay so if it gets frozen i don't know how we're going to be able to pay the bills," said the spouse of one solider.

Around 800,000 government employees could be furloughed without pay.

The Departments of Labor, Energy, Commerce, and the EPA would likely shutdown.

The IRS, FDA and HUD would for the most-part close their doors.

As would the Department of the Interior, which would in-turn lock tens-of-thousands of visitors out of national museums, zoos, and parks.

"I hate to see politicians using the American people for their own ends and i think that's what's happening," said tourist Nancy Lisa.

If you're angry enough to send a letter to your congressman - mail service will continue.

Air traffic controllers and agents with the FBI and DEA will keep working.

And federal courts will stay in session - unless the shutdown last for more than 2 weeks, when they could run out of reserve funding.

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