Six percent speaking for the entire Caddo Parish--who voted and why...

While the numbers are typical for this type of election...the reasons aren't.
     Only six percent of registered voters in Caddo Parish showed up at the polls this past Saturday. Around 10,000 voters not only put people in office, but made big decisions for the rest of the parish.

     "The interest in the election on Saturday was more for the district judge race than anything. They basically had half the votes that were cast on Saturday," Chief Deputy of Caddo Clerk of Court Mike Spence said.

      This race impacted only a small amount of people, however two ballot measures were voted down that all citizens would have an interest in.
    The first was a $23.4 million construction bond proposal to fund repairs to parish buildings, capital improvements, and public works. That was voted down by only a 59 vote difference. 
      "We have a lot more resources now than we've had in recent years. People probably just want us to use that instead of reaching for another bond," Caddo Commissioner Jerald Bowman said.

  The second was a chance to change the Charter, opening the door for commissioners to serve up to 20 years in office.

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