Starbucks comes to Twin Cities

Starbucks comes to Twin Cities

Coffee lovers rejoice!

Coffee lovers rejoice!

Starbucks is making its way to Texarkana, Arkansas.

It'll be the first Starbucks on that side of the Twin Cities,

There is one on the Texas side on Richmond Rd,

City officials made the announcement Tuesday.

The coffee shop will be on Stateline Avenue, where the old Exxon station used to be.

A new building will be built on that property, and will also host another business that's unknown at this time,

Mayor Wayne Smith says they're excited for this new opportunity.

"It's going to increase our property tax, it's going to increase the sales tax for the city and it's going to provide more A&P tax," said Mayor Wayne Smith, "So from the monetary standpoint it's certainly exciting, but it's also exciting for our citizens,"

The Starbucks is expected to open in about six months,

No word yet on how many jobs it'll create in the area,

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