Suspect who escapes custody back in jail

It was a scary morning in Lewisville, Arkansas after a suspect escapes from jail and flees.
It was a scary morning in Lewisville, Arkansas.

A suspect escapes from jail and flees.

The elementary and high school were both placed on lockdown as precaution.

"We just placed him in the holding cell where we could get him a first appearance," said Sheriff Victor Rose.

20-year-old Kenneth James Faulks had just been arrested, when he ran.

"The jailor came down to get the guy and during that time, he fled with handcuffs still on," said Rose.

A search was underway.

Agencies involved included Arkansas State Police, Arkansas Game and Fish, Stamps PD, Lewisville PD, and others.

"Our main concern was to contain in that area until we could try to fish him out," said Rose.

One of the biggest issues was that Faulks was believed to be in an area with two schools nearby.

With 700 students, possibly in harms way, a decision was made, to lock the doors.

"We got our children, everybody's children, the best thing to do was put it on lockdown," said Rose.

Students, clueless on what was going on, were put in classrooms.

"You don't think about it, you just jump in to the procedures and get things secure and everybody in place at the right time as quick as you can," said school Superintendent Mark Keith. "Everyone knew what to do, doors were locked, you couldn't get into the building."

Two hours had gone by when school staff got word that Faulks had been spotted.

"We found him in Cherry St. apartments," said Rose. "I was contacted by an informant of mine and they knew of his whereabouts."

Faulks was arrested and taken back to jail.

"You're relieved you could go back to some sort of normalcy," Keith said.

Officials will thoroughly investigate what happened.

Faulks was facing a charge of Aggravated Robbery, but officials say new ones will likely be added.

He had no priors and was from the area.
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