Teams announced for Live United Bowl

A big announcement in Texarkana USA Wednesday.

A big announcement in Texarkana USA on Wednesday.

We now know what two teams will play in the first-ever "Live United" Bowl.

On December 7th, 2013, history will be made in Texarkana as two teams face off in the first-ever "Live United" Bowl.

"It's great!" said Bowl Chair Allen Brown.

It'll be held at Razorback Stadium with the Harding University Bisons playing against the Texas A&M University at Commerce Lions.

"I don't think anyone will leave here without seeing how appreciative the two teams are to play in this bowl game," said Brown.

Both head coaches say they're honored to be apart of it.

"We knew making playoffs were slim," said Bison's Head Coach Ronnie Huckabe. "So when this opportunity came, we got really excited about extending our season."

"When you get that opportunity to play one more (game) it's awesome," said Lion's Head Coach Colby Carthel. "Now you get to play for a championship, a trophy in a different city and at a Bowl Game, it's an experience you can't put a value on."

Bowl officials say both teams have what it takes to come out on top, but that the real winner is Texarkana USA.

"It's going to put people in restaurants, in hotels," said Brown. "Without this bowl game we wouldn't be doing that."

This will be the nation's third-ever Division II Bowl Game, and both teams will fight to the end.

"It'll be a tough game to win," said Carthel. "Harding is really, really good, but we've got a talented team too."

Win or lose, it'll be one the players will never forget.

Tickets are $6 for adults and $4 for children and are available now.

All information, as well as details on the Community Pep Rally can be found here:

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