Texarkana authorities nab arson suspect

A man is behind bars in connection with an apartment fire in Texarkana.

A man is behind bars in connection with an apartment fire in Texarkana.

David Gray, 41, was arrested by police and booked into the Bi-State Justice Building on arson charges.

Gray is accused of intentionally setting a building on fire Thursday afternoon at the intersection of 5th and Texas Streets.

There are six apartments in the building, all people inside were able to get out safely.

The fire began Thursday afternoon around 2:30pm.

The initial call that came in reported that people were believed to be trapped inside.

Once on-scene, firefighters got inside the home and found it was empty.

Tense moments for those firefighters as a portion of the ceiling collapsed, fortunately those fighting the blaze were able to get out safely.

It took about 3 hours for crews to contain the fire, luckily no other buildings were involved.

Fire crews from Nash, Wake Village and Texarkana fought the flames.

The owner of the building, Frederick Zachery, spoke with Channel 6.

He says it's unfortunate to lose a building, but is extremely grateful no life was lost or injured.

He also doesn't understand how someone could intentionally set a building on fire.

"That is what aggravates me about arson, is that there was total disregard about anyone's health or life," said Zachery. "After something like this happens though, you really stop and think about what could've happened. It sends chills up your back."

Zachery is extremely proud of the fire crews who helped put the fire out.

"To watch those guys, eight fire engines, and water cannons going, and to know what to do and when to do it, I was amazed."

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