Texarkana shelter asks for donations

Texarkana shelter asks for donations

As freezing temperatures hit the ArkLaTex, some homeless shelters are asking for donations.
Freezing temperatures hit the ArkLaTex.

For those who are homeless, it means going to shelters to try and stay warm.

In Texarkana, Randy Sams offers a place to sleep for those in need.

If there's no room, officials will try and give people what they need to stay warm.

But as temperatures drop, the number of people seeking shelter and warmth rises.

So shelter officials  are asking the public to donate what they can.

Items needed include mittens, jackets, hates and blankets.

"You know, often people talk about remembering your pets, remembering your plants, but I would ask that people remember their fellow person," said Director Jennifer Laurent. "There are people that are not warm, they're not safe and that's what we're trying to do is make sure that those people are cared for in the best way possible."

Right now, about 86 people are staying at Randy Sams.

Officials expect that number to rise in the following weeks.

All donations can be dropped off at Randy Sams.

They're located at 402 Oak Street, Texarkana, Texas.

More information can be found here: http://www.randysams.org/index.html 
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