The film room: a game of its own

The film room: a game of its own

A software program called HUDL is changing how football coaches view the game and teach the game of football
SPRINGHILL, La - Film's changed the way the public views football and it's changed the way coaches teach football. 

A software program called HUDL has changed the way film is watched and the game is played. 

"Hudl's a program that you can swap films online," Jeffrey Brown, North Webster defensive coordinator, said. "Great way to break the film down, you can type the information in, you can type formation strength, play direction, if they have motion, gaps they're running in."

Since the invention of  IPHONES and IPAD's, film study has even made its way onto the field.

"Actually there's a rule in Louisiana, you can use an IPAD. You can have somebody enter the information while the game's going on," Brown said.

North Webster head coach Jon Ware estimates that he and his staff spend approximately 15-20 hours a week in the darkroom breaking down film, but that's a far cry from the days of VHS, when tape was exchanged like a back alley deal.

"You used to you'd have to get up on a Saturday morning at 7am after you've been up all night and go swap film with another head coach on the side of the road," Ware said. "Now, you don't have to do that. All you have to do is swap information online."

In Texas, some districts mandate the use of HUDL, but football secrets stored online have the chance of being intercepted. 

"Our last season games and some highlight videos from this year were posted ont the web for everybody to see," Scott Ford, Elysian Fields high school head coach, said. "I've called around and tried to get the bottom of that, but that's just an instance of some of the concerns some coaches have with HUDL."

The reward outweights the risk for most high school programs. HUDL costs between $800-$3000 per year, but coaches can't put a dollar sign on time. 

"I know I spend more time with my family than I did ten years ago," Jon Ware said. 

When asked if HUDL is saving coaches families, Ware chuckled and said, "No question."
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