The Second Amendment in Louisiana a year after Sandy Hook...

Gun rights in the Sportsman's Paradise...
     A stronger focus surrounding guns came into play once the initial shock wore off. The country caught in a second amendment debate as major retailers suspended sales. 
     Days after the shooting, one Shreveport pawn shop sold fifty guns a day for weeks, many of which were assault rifles. These guns flew off shelves, ordered in bulk, and box filled with 30 round magazines for AR-15s became common place. 

 "A lot of what we're seeing is a knee jerk reaction to tragic situations or executive orders that go too far. What we don't need to do is villainize law abiding citizens who have guns, conceal and carry permits, and are responsible individuals," Rep. Jeff Thompson said. 

New legislation was also sparked. The Defend Louisiana campaign featured thousands of signatures at the legislative session, and six new gun bills signed into law. 

The Caddo Parish Sheriff's office is hosting a "First Gun Safety Course for Kids" on December 21st and January 4th. 
Call 681-0735 for details. Space is limited. 
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