Shreveport singer competing on NBC show "The Voice"

Shreveport singer competing on NBC show "The Voice"

Cole Vosbury is a familiar face to some in Shreveport, but now, he'll be a familiar face to viewers of "The Voice."

One of the contestants on the NBC show The Voice is from right here in Shreveport.

Twenty-two year old Cole Vosbury made his debut on the show Tuesday night.

Friends and family packed out the bar Fumblebrewskis to cheer Cole on.

"I mean, he is an incredible singer and he's so gifted," says long-time friend Christina. "He plays the guitar and the piano."

Cole performs with his band The Vosbury Trio in Shreveport.

He's been performing in front of people since he was five years old, but he did get nervous once he the show's stage.

"Right before I went on, there's definitely nerves," says Cole. "Because even though I'm a working musician, and I don't get nervous before i perform, I'm not always performing for these four people."

Cole's family was with him in Los Angeles when he performed "Movin' On Up," the theme song from the hit show The Jeffersons.

"I know the song, I'm very familiar with the performance, so he did very well I thought," says Robin Vosbury, Cole's dad.

"I went out there, and I knew the song was crazy, but I thought it was just crazy enought to work," says Cole. "And I think it did, I mean obviously it did."

Ceelo was the only judge to turn around, which was fine by Cole.

"If anyone else had turned around besides Ceelo, I would've picked him anyways," says Cole.

Now that Cole is on Ceelo's team, he'll return to Los Angeles in a few weeks to compete in the knockout round. That's where he'll compete against another member of his team.

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