Thousands go without, after food stamp EBT card malfunctions

Thousands go without, after food stamp EBT card malfunctions

The SNAP EBT card system was done all Saturday.

Some people went to bed Saturday without anything to eat, after learning their food stamp EBT card wasn't functioning. The food stamp benefits system was out of service in 17 states Saturday.

The Department of Children and Family Services said this is a temporary issue related to a system failure by Xerox. Around 9:45 p.m., officials stated all EBT cards should be in working order. But, when we called Wal-Mart on Barksdale Highway, they said the EBT
system was still down.

Throughout the day, customers at Cotton’s Grocery were forced to do without.

"We're just asking people to have a little bit of patience,” said Owner Akram Salama.

"It’s been really chaotic, families have been coming in and trying to swipe their card so they can feed their families, their children and its denied,” said employee Lyndsey Stevens.  “It’s not just here, it’s
all over.”

Employees said they had to turn away about 50 people with cartloads of food early Saturday morning.  

“I would say about 60 percent of our customers were affected,” said Salama.  “It’s a massive hit economic wise. We had to let go half of our staff because  there’s nothing to do.”

DCFS  officials state the card  failure is unrelated to the government  shutdown.


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