Tightening of state alcohol laws mean no Oktoberfest for Shreveport brewery...

Frustrations under the microscope...
         With the ever growing and recent popularity of breweries building up across the state of Louisiana, the Homebrew Law is being put under the microscope.

   It's exactly the situation start up Shreveport brewery Great Raft brewing found themselves in.

Owners say it wasn't brought to their attention until recently that they were no longer considered "homebrewers" simply because they applied for a state license. This means they are not allowed to sell their product.

    To play it safe they have missed out on two events, and will not be providing their beer at Oktoberfest despite having three types ready to go.

   While it's a waiting game, owners say it'll be worth it.

"We're really excited to bring something like this to our hometown. We love great beer and we can't wait to share this with everyone," Lindsay Nations said.

   A lot of work went into the process on the city's end.

"It's certainly something we are very supportive of and we went through a number of changes to zoning laws to get alcoholic beverage sales in the industrial district. It is a little frustrating after putting in so much work, but we hope it'll move quickly on the state level too," city councilman Jeff Everson said.
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