Tooth Fairy Tooth Transport

Jeff Highsmith decided that the Tooth Fairy was probably getting overwhelmed by the increasing world population, and would appreciate it if we could send the teeth directly to her.
When Jeff Highsmith's oldest son discovered his first wiggly tooth, he realized that he had the chance to define the Tooth Fairy experience for another generation. As he pondered how the Tooth Fairy would collect our family's teeth, it occurred to him that she has an awful lot of teeth to gather, especially considering the ever-rising world population. It seemed prudent to figure out a way to send the teeth to her for processing, rather than make her visit the homes of all 7,103,000,000 people on Earth. As such, he installed a pneumatic transport system (as at the bank drive-through) in his house, for the purpose of sending teeth to the Tooth Fairy, and receiving renumeration back from her.
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