Top Halloween items for this year

Halloween is trending and we want to make sure you're caught up on the latest. Here is what everyone is talking about and searching for this Halloween.
Top searched haunted houses in the U.S. over the past 30 days:
1.       [haunted houses in ohio]
2.       [cutting edge haunted house] - in Fort Worth, Texas
3.       [netherworld haunted house] - in Atlanta, Georgia
4.       [13th floor haunted  house] - in Phoenix, Arizona
5.       [erebus haunted house] - in Pontiac, Michigan
6.       [phobia haunted house] - in Houston, Texas
7.       [eastern state penitentiary haunted house]
8.       [haunted houses in illinois]
9.       [blackout haunted house] - in New York, New York
10.   [fallsburg haunted house] in Louisa, Kentucky
Top celebrity/pop culture related costumes on Yahoo in the past 7 days:
1.       [duck dynasty costumes]
2.       [teen beach movie costumes]
3.       [star wars costumes]
4.       [slender man costumes]
5.       [despicable me costumes]
6.       [monster high costumes]
7.       [doc mcstuffins costume]
8.       [minecraft costumes]
9.       [ninja turtle costume]
10.   [breaking bad costumes]
11.   [katniss costume]
12.   [nicki minaj costume]
13.   [olsen twins halloween costumes]
14.   [walter white costume]
15.   [miley cyrus costume]
16.   [clueless costumes]
17.   [wreck it ralph costume]
18.   [uncle si costume]
19.   [robin thicke costumes]
20.   [grumpy cat costumes]
Top buzzing costumes on Yahoo in the past 7 days (based on change in volume):
1.       [mickey mouse costume]
2.       [mary poppins costumes]
3.       [zombie costume ideas]
4.       [cleopatra costume]
5.       [indian costumes]
6.       [skeleton costume]
7.       [katniss costume]
8.       [where’s waldo costume]
9.       [red riding hood costume]
10.   [flapper costume]
11.   [beetlejuice costume]
12.   [cat costumes]
13.   [joker costume]
14.   [mummy costume]
15.   [ninja costume]
16.   [tinkerbell costume]
17.   [snow white costume]
18.   [cowgirl costume]
19.   [fox costume]
20.   [gypsy costume]
Top pumpkin food related searches on Yahoo! in the past 7 days:
1.       [how to bake pumpkin seeds]
2.       [pumpkin pie from scratch]
3.       [how to make pumpkin seeds]
4.       [pumpkin roll]
5.       [pumpkin pancake recipe]
6.       [pumpkin cheesecake recipe]
7.       [pumpkin cookies recipe]
8.       [pumpkin pie recipe]
9.       [pumpkin bread]
10.   [pumpkin soup]
Top searched candy/candy bars in the last 30 days:
1.       [candy corn]
2.       [nestle]
3.       [hershey chocolate]
4.       [pay day]
5.       [skittles]
6.       [pixie stix]
7.       [snickers]
8.       [gummy bears]
9.       [heath bar]
10.   [milky way]
Top searched pet costumes on Yahoo in the past 7 days:
1.       [darth vader dog costume]
2.       [diy dog costumes]
3.       [hot dog costume]
4.       [ewok dog costumes]
5.       [toy story dog costume]
Top searched  Halloween movies on Yahoo in the past 7 days:
1.       [nightmare before christmas]
2.       [friday the 13th]
3.       [dracula]
4.       [nightmare on elm street]
5.       [monsters inc]
6.       [hocus pocus]
7.       [texas chainsaw massacre]
8.       [the shining]
9.       [great pumpkin charlie brown]
10.   [psycho]
Buzzing Halloween stats on Yahoo:
·         Halloween specials are always huge around this time. Some of the buzzing specials this year include: [toy story halloween special] up 783%, [charlie brown halloween], [abc family 13 nights of halloween].
·         Need ideas? Seems like you are turning to Yahoo for them. The top searched ideas this week on Yahoo are all Halloween-related: [halloween treat ideas], [zombie makeup ideas], [adult costume ideas], [halloween cupcake ideas], [halloween makeup ideas], [pumpkin carving ideas], [couple costume ideas].
·         Candy Apples! Searches for [candy apples] have spiked 191% this week, searches for [candy apple recipe] are up 81%.
·         For the love of Candy Corn: Candy corn is a longtime halloween favorite and this year the searches cross many categories! Searches include: [candy corn cake], [candy corn oreos], [candy corn jello shots], [candy corn nail art], [candy corn rice crispy treats], and [candy corn cupcakes].
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