Traditional Door to Door or a festival--How do you trick or treat?

It's not what it used to be...

          Most adults admit that trick or treating isn't what it used to be. Back in the day it meant a pillow case full of candy and a knock at every door in the neighborhood. 

        Safety has become a growing concern for parents and many are taking on an alternative approach to the door to door method. Instead, they take their children to local festivals or church events. 

   "That's a lot safer. I'd never let my kids go door to door," Shreveport mother Venetta Madison said. 

 The Fall Festival at Trinity Heights Baptist Church is just one of many church events that create a safe haven on Halloween night. 

 "We always do it on Halloween night. People have a safe place to go, it's free to everyone, there's probably 50 games and attractions, and kids get candy at every game whether they win or not," Associate Pastor Rev. Dan Lay Jr. said. 

    Some streets in South Highlands stay ready for Halloween and it's almost like a parade. 

 "As long as you're with your small child and watching them, there's so many families and people out that it's safe," Shreveport mother Misty Alexander. 
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