Treated sewage in Cypress Lake upsets neighbors

Treated sewage in Cypress Lake upsets neighbors

Neighbors meet to discuss treated sewage in Cypress Lake

Angry neighbors are voicing concerns over treated sewage flowing into Cypress Lake in Benton.

The operator of the Eagle Water System, Keith Howard, says it's been going on for the past 30 years at least.

The water meets Department of Environmental Quality standards, and it's legal.

Neighbors found out two weeks ago sewage from the new Turtle Creek gets released into Cypress Lake.

Howard tells us the water is disinfected through a rigorous oxidation method, plus he claims the water is actually cleaner than the lake water.

Even though it's disinfected, the idea still doesn't sit well with some neighbors.

"There needs to be some way to transport it or do something with it other than dumping it in the lake,” says neighbor Claudia Reed. “I know it's going to be costly, but it should've been something that was addressed I think early in the game."

Howard, along with neighbors and parish officials will meet Tuesday night at the Bossier Parish Courthouse to talk more about the treated sewage going into the lake.

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