Two Shreveport firefighters appeal their termination

Two Shreveport firefighters appeal their termination

A date has been set for two Shreveport firefighters, from fire station 8, to plead their case to get their jobs back.
Two Shreveport firefighters appeal their firings due to the fire station 8 scandal. On Wednesday, attorney John Settle demanded a speedy hearing review for his client, former fire captain Derrick Harris.

Settle wanted a date in December, but the civil service board ruled to have it in April.

He believes board members are trying to keep up with the criminal case, and in his opinion, that's not right.

"I think the fire chief is hoping the criminal case will result in a conviction, which will give him an out on his termination," says Settle.

"The criminal case is kind of going it's own way. They're two seperate tracks. And this board is trying to run along the railroad tracks with the criminal case and I don't believe that's appropriate. It's not appropriate to deny my client a prompt hearing on his termination after 23 years of honorable service."

Fire engineer Billy Glass wasn't at the meeting, but he sent a letter instead appealing his termination as well.
Both men's termination hearings will be in april.
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