Urns stolen from Asian Gardens

Urns stolen from Asian Gardens

ASEANA Foundation wants to know where urns are.

Members of a local non-profit are concerned after expensive items come up missing.

Two authentic Vietnamese urns are missing from the Asian Gardens in downtown Shreveport.

They were purchased by members of the ASEANA Foundation.

Members of the organization noticed they were missing this Saturday morning.

They believe they disappeared between Nov.11 and Nov. 16.  

"It was heartbreaking,” said Mary Grace de Joya Vea.  “We came down here to
do some planting and noticed the urns were missing.”

The organization has reported the thefts to the police. Its members say they  work as volunteers and purchase all of the items in the garden with their own  money. They’re asking the community to be vigilant and alert them if items in  the garden are missing.

The group says this is the ninth time since 2006 someone has stolen items from the gardens.

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