USDA home loans will now be processed

USDA home loans will now be processed

As Congress gets closer to an agreement on the debt ceiling, home loan applicants can breathe a sigh a relief.
Federal USDA home mortgage loans will start being processed again.

During the partial government shutdown no USDA loans went through, because Department of Agriculture workers were furloughed.

Home Federal Bank in Shreveport processes its loans locally, but still had to make some loan applicants wait.

Now they'll work to catch up.

"So, there'll be a big back log, but those applications will get processed, may take a little bit longer than usual, but now that the agencies seem to be coming back on line I have all assurances that they'll get done," says Jim Barlow, President of Home Federal Bank.

H.U.D. and FHA loans were still processed during the shutdown.
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