Veterans Day festivities continue in Texarkana

Veterans Day festivities continue in Texarkana

Veterans Day celebrations continue at one school in Texarkana, Arkansas.
Veterans Day festivities continue in Texarkana, Arkansas.

Tuesday morning, College Hill Elementary School held a musical performance.

It's the eighth year the 4th grade class has put it on.

Students sang patriotic songs to salute local heroes for their service.

Veterans, community members and parents were invited to attend.

The event is meant to teach students about freedom.

"Their future is bright and no matter what it is that they choose to do in their lifetime they have a part that they must play in this country, to love this country, to love their fellow man, and to serve this country," said Principal Lea Metcalf.

Before the show, the rest of the school held a mini parade.

Students walked through the hallways cheering while holding banners and flags.

"One of the things we try to incorporate here at College Hill Elementary School is for our students to have a sense of love their country, not just on Veterans Day, but every day of the week," said Metcalf.
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