Volunteers needed for storm cleanup

<P dir=ltr>The rains that slammed the ArkLa Tex leave behind lots of standing water and now some Red Cross volunteers are called to action. Several volunteers are out today assisting families affected by flooding.</P>

The Northwest Louisiana Red Cross

Chapter hit the ground in Caddo and Natchitoches Parishes today.

Workers in each parish canvased the area and assessed damages from yesterday's flooding.

They are looking for residents who are still seeking assistance.

That will help determine where best to use volunteers.

"We didn't know to contact the Red Cross. If we would have, things probably could have helped us a little, but we were kind of own our own yesterday. Of course my kids are more devastated than i am," said resident Jeremy Laule.

Crews in the hardest hit areas in Natchitoches Parish delivered clean-up kits to affected families.

If you need assistance

or want to volunteer call 318-865-9545.

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