Voters decide if alcohol should be sold in Nash, Texas

Voters decide if alcohol should be sold in Nash, Texas

Tuesday is a big day in Texas because it's election day.
November 5th is election day in Texas.

Many headed to the polls to cast their vote on 9 Constitutional Amendments.

Those in Nash are also participating in their own election.

There are only 2 Propositions on the ballot, but each are causing quite a stir.

The big question is if the city of Nash should sell alcohol.

Some say yes, others say no.

To sell alcohol or not to sell alcohol?

It's a question those in Nash have asked for years.

"It's a personal choice," said Chuck Lucas the city's Economic Development Coordinator.

In 2008, residents voted down a measure that would've allowed it.

Now five years later, it's back on the ballot.

"Proposition 1 is for the sale of beer and wine for off premises consumption," said Lucas. "That means, there'll be no bars, no liquor stores, but there'll be beer and wine sales in convenience stores. Proposition 2 would allow mixed beverage sales in restaurants."

The idea of allowing alcohol within Nash's city limits has turned into quite the debate because whether you're for or against those two propositions, it seems many have an opinion on the matter.

David Hollis, argues if passed, at least $400,000 would go back to the city.

"We need to keep the tax money in Nash, this would have a big economic value for the city," said Hollis. "We'd have better fire, police, better streets, better anything for the city of Nash."

Hollis also says safety could increase, because sales closer to home, means shorter driving time.

"In the studies we've done with cities our size, DWI incidents have gone down 50% because people don't have as far to go."

However, Dennis Whitmire disagrees.

"I've counseled with so many people who have alcohol related problems they deal with in their home," said Whitmire. "Anywhere from domestic violence to other things of that nature. My prayer is they look at all the issues and that they realize our city is growing and we don't need alcohol in our city to cause it to grow."

Legalizing alcohol sales has been a big question in Nash.

Many anxiously wait to see what will happen this go around.

Voting in Nash's local election can only be done at the City Hall.

Polls are open until 7pm.

City Officials say that voter turnout started slow, but was expected to pick up.

Results should be known by 9:30 Tuesday night.
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