Website woes won't end

Website woes won't end

Problems with the website may take months to fix. Steve Handelsman has the story.
Problems with the website may take months to fix.  Steve Handelsman has the story.

With experts rushing to fix Healthcare. gov, there's word today that red flags about problems were ignored by the white house in a rush to make the October first deadline.

House republican say they'll investigate the glitches and the rollout but they also charge the website is allegedly designed to cover up the cost of coverage.

Some new Obamacare users like Florida pet groomer Holly Hill are pleased.

"After I was able to get in and was able to see what was offered I was very very happy," said Hill.

But GOP lawmakers are hammering the plan and the President.

"Will he tax the American people if they cannot or chose not to buy health insurance form a website that doesn't work?" asked republican Congresswoman Virginia Foxx of North Carolina.

The Washington Post reports, failed testing weeks ago.

But designers were denied more time to get ready forcing them to conduct final testing days before its launch crashed the site.

The contractor QSSI says it's fixing the registration function.

"It is actually getting better I just did my daily try on it before I came over here got right through account sign on no problem. The front end traffic problems really have been abating," said Washington Post Columnist Ezra Klein.

But, 5 house republican committee chairs, in a letter today to chief technology officials at the White House charged something worse than website glitches.

They're accusing the administration with a cover-up of Obamacare insurance rates.

In the letter the group charges, "A political decision (by the White House to have web designers) mask the sticker shock of Obamacare."

Senior House democrat, Henry Waxman of California says the GOP investigation is political.

"Well republicans would like to repeal this law. They're just trying to embarrass the President and everyone else who support the Affordable Care Act," said the democratic Congressman from California.

But Waxman admits the stumbling start of Obamacare has already done that.

President Obama knows it.

Today he put longtime top advisor Jeffery Zients in charge of the fix.

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