Neighbors in Werner Park call for crime to stop

There's a new level of fear for neighbors in Werner Park, after a homeowner shoots and kills an intruder.
The Werner Park community wants the crime to stop, after a suspected armed robber is shot dead by a homeowner.

After living in the Werner Park area for over 20 years, one neighbor says crime is on the rise.

Sunday night, police say 16-year-old Devon Antonio Young broke into this home on Morningside Drive, with a shotgun, demanding items from a safe.

The homeowner, a 63-year-old grandmother, ended up shooting the teen, and he later died.

"Lord, I hate it so bad that this child has lost his life over $55. I hate it so bad. I hate it so bad,” the homeowner says. “Oh, I would've just gave him some money if he would've came up and said he needed some money, you know, and asked me if i had it. I would've just given it to him.”

Neighbors are calling for more of a police presence.

"The officers need to be visible, seen at least, and maybe they'll think, ‘maybe we can't go in that area, because the police are in there already.’”

Cpl. Marcus Hines says there is already adequate coverage in Werner Park.

"Patrols are going on throughout that area, and they're going to continue to go on throughout that area," says Cpl. Hines.

But he does admits there has been a spike in major crimes.

"The area of town that's in discussion is ranked number four in terms of major crimes through septermber of last year, 2013,” says Cpl. Hines. 

Neighbors are just hoping police can do more, before Sunday night happens again.
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