Where You Call Home--A vote by Caddo Commissioners could impact top officials...

Setting an example...

        It's a vote that's expected to pass. It would mean parish Administrator Dr. Woody Wilson would have 18 months (July 2015) to move to Caddo. All other employees would be grandfathered in. 

"If it's about me let it be about me and not impact others under my leadership," Wilson said. 

"I think it's a consensus that the parish administrator should live in the parish. So many people want to work in over here in Shreveport when the sun's out then go to Bossier where it's safe of whatever...if you're good enough to lead us you're good enough to live among us," Caddo Commissioner John Escude said. 

If the vote passes, a qualification for any position for department director and above will be to live in Caddo Parish. 

"There's a whole lot more to leading than where I sleep at night," Wilson said. 
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