Whole Foods and traffic plans...it you think it's busy now...

Whole Foods and traffic plans...it you think it's busy now...

Are you excited?
   Yesterday's announcement that Whole Foods Market plans to make a home in Shreveport for the first time has locals curious.
The curiosity not only stems from the store's potential, but for what the traffic will look like in that part of town. 

"70th and Fern sees over 40,000 cars a day," Shreveport's Traffic Engineer Michael Erlund said. 

   Shoppers can expect more traffic to possibly pick up with the arrival of the 39,000 sq foot Whole Foods Store. 

"We just moved here from Vegas and I'd go because they have a lot of the foods I already like," Carrie Ann Noel said. 

"I will walk around and check it out. I want to make sure I'm getting the bang for my buck especially in this economy," Ernest Baylor said. 

Even though it's in the very early stages, it's not just about another grocery store but attracting other businesses. 

"If we have a Whole Foods I think it'll attract a lot of high end retailers that many people have wanted for a long time," Shreveport city council chairman Michael Corbin said. 

The city's traffic engineering department says depending on what Whole Foods requests and what the MPC recommends, road construction would take time and effort, while changing traffic lights takes mental work. 
Good news is, nothing will fall on taxpayers, not even a traffic study.

"We ask them if you're going to impact traffic that they take on the financial burden and mitigating it," Erlund said. 

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