WIC and Food Stamps could be affected by shutdown

WIC and Food Stamps could be affected by shutdown

There's only funding for WIC and food stamps through October

If  the government shutdown continues, the Supplemental Nutrition program affiliated with Women’s Infants and Children (WIC) along with the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP or Food Stamps) could be on the chopping block.

Right now, both programs only have funding until the end of October. At first, Department of Health and Hospital officials said WIC recipients would only receive benefits for part the month. That has now changed and all recipients are eligible for benefits throughout October. WIC is also able to accept new applicants in October.

But unless the government opens back up, officials say funding for November is uncertain. Grocery stores and other businesses have been advised to accept WIC vouchers until the end of October. The program serves more than 140,000 individuals in Louisiana.

The Department of Children and Family Services says people will receive benefits on their EBT cards for the month October, but its future is also uncertain. More than 48,000 people use food stamp benefits in northwest Louisiana. They’re also waiting to hear about funding for childcare assistance, cash assistance, and kinship care. Officials tell NBC 6 they’ll know more when they get more guidance from the federal government next week.

This is all if the federal government continues to stay shut down. 

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