Will Texarkana, Texas sell alcohol?

Will Texarkana, Texas sell alcohol?

Starting in 2014, Nash, Texas will sell alcohol. Will others follow?
Starting in 2014, Nash, Texas will sell alcohol.

It'll be the first city in Bowie County to go "damp".

Now some wonder if nearby communities will follow.

In 2011, Texarkana, Texas residents voted down a measure that would've allowed alcohol sales.

"It was defeated fairly soundly by voters at that time," said Mayor Bob Bruggeman.

It's similar to what happened in Nash five years ago.
However, with recent election results showing a change in outcome there, some are curious if nearby communities (like Texarkana, Texas) will follow.

"It's too early to say," said Bruggeman. "There's been no conversation about this particular topic, but with the results in Nash that could come to the forefront."

Texarkana, Texas is dry to a certain extent because alcohol is only be sold and consumed in restaurants. So how would some feel if the city chose to go completely wet?

Those we talked to said it'd be a good thing.

"Being responsible is the main thing," said DeeDee Rosles. "But it would benefit the whole town and the stores, you name it."

"It'd be great because the popularity of it and you know the city will make more money that way too," said resident Joedacie Smith.

The next local election is this May, and city officials say it's up to the people if they want it on the ballot.

"There's a petition that has to have a certain number of signatures," said Bruggeman. "Once that's done the signatures have to be verified, then it can be put on the ballot for voters to vote on. We'll have to wait and see how it turns out down the road."

In the last ten years, 350 cities in Texas have gone wet.

Right now, people in Texarkana can buy alcohol for off-premises consumption on the Arkansas-side.

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