Religious communities in Shreveport observe "World Religion Day"

Religious communities in Shreveport observe "World Religion Day"

It's a day meant to stomp out religious ignorance and open the door for education.
It brings us together, yet separates us at the same time: religion.

But believers of several different faiths tried to change that with the World Religion Day observance in Shreveport.

Booths were set up with literature and symbolic pieces, while speakers educated wondering minds.

"I believe that if we can learn to tolerate other people's religions and not feel that we're opposed to them and have to stop other people's religions, then we can live in peace with each other," says Bob Jordan, who sat in on a lecture.

"I really like to see how the different religions are helping to take care of our community and to show compassion in the world," says Pam Carlilse, who sat in on a panel discussion.

Organizers say this is a great time for religious education, because there's about 15 different religions housed under one roof.

Muslim Chaplain Khurshid Khan says there are many who misunderstand his Islamic faith.

"Somebody says terrorism, somebody says, "oh,  they're not good people, they don't know who they follow or worship,'" says Khan. "We worship only one God."

Missionaries with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints try to clear up misconceptions too.

With hours spent on teaching tolerance and understanding, all groups hope their goals were accomplished.

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