WWII plane on display in Harrison Co., TX

WWII plane on display in Harrison Co., TX

A plane used for training in World War II is now mounted in east Texas.
This plane from World War II will be back in the sky soon.

It won't be flying, but it will be on display at the Harrison County Airport.

The Lone Star Wing of the Commemorative Air Force made the plane their project.

"You know it's been a fun project for everybody to do, and something we all take pride in getting where we are now with it," says Jim Berryman, Executive Officer.

Berryman says they towed the plane here, in pieces from Atlanta, Georgia.

Over the span of three years, more than 20 members donated time and labor to get the air force C45 ready to be mounted.

"Getting it here, and getting it worked on and all the work we had to do in order to put it on the pole is just kind of a bonding of the wing together, you know?" says Berryman.

The inside was gutted, refurbished propellers were put on and it's been marked.

That way, people know they're flying over Marshall, Texas.

"So everything had to be added to it. When we got down here with it, we didn't have all the parts. We had to scrounge parts for it and everything," says Doile Curry, Lone Star Wing member.

While this aircraft never saw combat, it did serve a significant purpose during World War II. It served as training for navigators, pilots and bombardiers.

"They would take pilots and load it up with pilots and take them to the manufacturer who would then pick up other airplanes like fighters and bombers and so forth, and fly them to wherever they needed to go," says Curry. "And they would use this airplane to transport pilots there to do it."

It was also used as an executive air craft to transport high-ranking military personnel.

For these veterans, their active duty days are over, but they still accept their life-long mission.

Keep the World War II birds in the air.
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