College Health kit

Sending a child off to college is usually filled with excitement and a little anxiety.

You probably spent the summer preparing your child for life in the dorm, but did you prep your child on how to deal with a health situation when away from home?

Before your child heads to college, make sure they visit their pediatrician and are up to date on all their immunizations.

If your child has any ongoing medical issues like diabetes, asthma or ADHD, you might ask your pediatrician for a referral in the city where your child will be going to school.

A heath center tour is a good idea and have them carry their health insurance card at all times.

You need to determine if your current pediatrician will be involved in your child's care or will you transfer care to a doctor on the college campus.

And before they head to college, pack a college health kit.

Here are a few items I would recommend:

Steroid Cream
Throat Lozenges
Allergy medicine for bites & rashes
Constipation medicine
Diarrhea medicine

College dorms are places where germs spread like wildfire so make sure your child continues to wash their hands.  And don't forget their flu shot either!

I'm Dr. Sue with The Kid's Doctor helping parents take charge.

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