Diaper Dilemma

I have had several clever little patients lately who are enjoying driving their parents crazy by taking off their diapers and then doing all sorts of things with pee-pee and even poop around the house!  A pregnant mother with a 2 1/2 year old walked in to my office just this week, without an appointment, but with lots of tears.  She told the receptionist she just had to see me and when asked if it was an emergency she answered truthfully, it was an emergency to her. 

Seems as if her toddler had taken off his diaper during a nap, and painted the walls with poop! That is enough to bring anyone to tears, yet alone a tired, stressed, hormonal pregnant woman. 

So, we worked her into my schedule which means I was behind, seeing patients but sometimes that just happens.  At any rate, after a few more tears and tissues, I told her I might not have all of the answers for her defiant toddler, but I thought I could help with this issue.  Just put that diaper on backwards!  It usually is enough of a deterrent to most children who are unable to reach around and unfasten the diaper.  We used duct tape to keep that diaper on, but this is an easier solution and works about 95% of the time. One mother told me you are a genius, wish it was so. 

Many other toddler issues to drive a parent crazy, but this issue was resolved. Now we have to talk about potty training him, but that seems a few more months down the road.  

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