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Even though the spring planting frenzy is over, you don’t have to give up on gardening for the summer season. Buddy Williamson from Lex Plant Farm in Shreveport tells us there are plenty of things to plant now.

If it’s vegetables you crave… “From seeds you can plant things like squash, canteloupe, watermelon, okra,” said Williamson. “Mid to late July you want to plant your tomato seed, pepper seed, eggplant.”

Maybe flowers are your thing… “You can still plant things like vinca, blue daze, begonias,” explained Williamson. “There’s a variety of things you can plant which will continue to grow until the fall when it freezes.”

When it comes to herbs, anything goes. Well, almost… “Unfortunately one that’s not good to plant now is cilantro or dill. We’re having cucumber and tomatoes come in from our vegetable gardens and unfortunately that doesn’t quite jive with our climate here.”

There are actually herbs you should plant now to keep mosquitoes away while you enjoy warm summer nights outdoors.

“Mints are great. Put them in a pot or they’ll take over,” shared Williamson. “We also have citronella plants which is your basic mosquito repellant. Even things like lemongrass work too.”

As for shrubs and trees, don’t plant them before October.

“Except for palm trees. If you’re wanting palm trees, now is the best time to plant them,” added Williamson. “They love summer planting.”

If you’re thinking about transplanting any plants to another part of your yard, think again.

“It’s the worst time to do it in the summer,” said Williamson. “You basically want to transplant all your plants during the winter.”

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