Long-time Queensborough resident waits for funding after tornado


It’s been more than a year since a tornado ripped through Shreveport’s Queensborough neighborhood.

While many have recovered some are still waiting on the money to repair their homes. But that may soon change.

The Caddo Parish Commission will vote this month to reallocate 150-thousand dollars to help people who were left out of the first round of funding aid.

It’s a situation all too real for one woman who’s lived in Queensborough the past 29 years.

Carolyn Pheifer said she was outside the night the tornado came through.

“By the time I realized it, it was right over me so I went to run, the wind got under my feet, it threw me across the road, it threw my phone in the yard and my shoes went up the street. I had shingles all over the yard, tree limbs laying on the house,” Pheifer said.

The damage from that night is getting worse as water drips from her ceiling.

“I catch water over here and over here but like I said what was a minor problem has turn into a major problem because leaking outdoors and raining in the house,” Pheifer said. “So when you hear the raining coming you start to get stressed out? I do. Sometime I sit on the floor in the den right there and watch it and cry,” she said.

Pheifer is part of a group of homeowners who did not receive disaster recovery aid so she’s paid out of pocket for repairs.

“Not one red dime and everytime I call CCAA they tell me there are no funds available. Whoever is on the list first will get the aid. I’m so far on the list, I’m not even on the list,” Pheifer said.

Her situation is one the Caddo Parish Commission looks to fix. They will vote on an ordinance to reallocate additional funding for people who were left out during the first round.

“It’s not any new applications. It’s just ones that were already in the system but we ran out of funding the first time around,” said Lyndon B. Johnson, Caddo Parish Commissioner District 2.

As Pheifer stands by the Magnolia tree outside she planted 29 years ago when she moved into her home, she’s thankful to finally have help.

“I hope they pass it so somebody can get some use out of it,” Pheifer said.

The Commission will vote on the Disaster Fund ordinance on July 18. The funds will go to the Caddo Community Action Agency for a second assessment of homes.

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