Possible racial division among SPD Officers addressed at city council meeting


Allegations of racial division within the Shreveport Police Department surface during Tuesday’s council meeting.

At the meeting community members called out the possibility of racial division and it was even addressed by the mayor.

Community member, Bobby Henderson, said in the meeting “sadly the department under Chief Raymond command has been divided along racial lines.”

During Tuesday’s Shreveport city council meeting several community members called out racial division within the Shreveport police department.

another community member, Marvin Muhammad, also said in the meeting “you see white officers on the side and you see black officers on the other side. That tells it all.”

But that wasn’t what one council member saw Tuesday.

Councilman James Green of District F says, “basically I didn’t see it, I didn’t look at it like that, I just saw it as people just coming to the council meeting, so I didn’t see that side of it.”

Councilman Green says he didn’t know there were any issues regarding race relations with the police department.

“Its kind of like you don’t fix the blame you fix the problem and so it’s either your part of the problem or you’ll be apart of the solution and that how I see it,” councilman Green said.

But for Mayor Perkins, he says this division is not only inside the department but throughout the city.

“All you hear is black this .. white that … woman this, man …. we have to stop, we have to stop this if we are going to move forward. so I’m asking you today, I hear you loud and clear, I’ve met with the black officers, if you know I put in hours and hours this is the hardest decision I’ve ever made in my life,” Mayor Perkins said.

According to the mayor, this is something that has been going on for years.

“This is something I have inherited, this is something my generation has inherited and it is a huge problem for us.”

We also spoke with Councilman James Flurry of District E. He gave us this statement “I was discouraged and disappointed about yesterday’s divide of officers and I don’t believe it to be true.” My hope is once chief Raymond puts everyone in place at the department, I believe the changes made will be for the better and the that the divisiveness will be removed from inside the department.”

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