The Global Wildlife Center in Folsom, Louisiana offers an exotic experience, without purchasing a flight. People of all ages were pleased with their safari experience. 

The non profit animal conservatory began in 1991, with just a few animals. Now there are 4,000 animals and 30 different species. Giraffes, deer, llamas, birds, alpacas, and kangaroos populate the well kept property, which includes a man made pond and thousands of trees. When it first opened there were only a few hundred visitors a week and horseback tours were available. Now the wildlife center sees as many as 1,500 people a day and 250,000 people a year.

The animals are free roaming. “All of our animals survive together on these 900 acres, you’ll see them for natural herds like they would in the wild, defend themselves like they would in the wild, they go through the whole mating process,” said Global Wildlife Center manager, Brittney Ricks. Global Wildlife has a hands off policy, which allows animals to keep their natural instincts. The center provides a safe environment for animals whose natural habits are being reduced because of pollution or new construction developments.

Global Wildlife also offers an educational aspect. “You’re going to learn 5-6 facts about every single animal,” said Ricks. Tour guides offered facts about the animals, how to help the animals and the animals names. The visitor center will be offering new classes and educational options this fall.

Safari tours can be Global Wildlife Center has the space to large host weddings, big groups and field trips.

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