Family searches for their cat after he jumped into the back of a delivery truck

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HARRISONVILLE, Mo. — Curiosity got the best of Dana Henson’s cat. Now, she’s offering a hefty reward for his safe return.

The family’s pet got trapped inside a delivery truck outside a Harrisonville home and hasn’t been seen since.

“I feel like I’m chasing something that’s impossible to find,” Henson said, “and I can’t give up.”

Henson had Macy’s furniture delivered to their house Jan. 29, 2021. Home security video shows their pet cat, Duke, jump inside the delivery truck.

The workers made the quick drop, closed the door, and shipped out unknowingly with Duke still inside. 

“Oh, my heart sunk,” Henson said. “Never in a million years did I think that my cat would jump in the back of a truck, and then I thought how horrible, I didn’t protect him from himself, from his own curiosity, and I feel a terrible burden.”

Henson and her family have come to KC Pet Project a handful of times looking for Duke. They’ve made calls and visits to several shelters across the Kansas City metro, but still no sign of him.

Now, they’re hoping Macy’s or the trucking company, MHC, can help.

“Somebody knows the route this truck took after it left my house, and I just want to find my kitty,” Henson said.

Henson said she has called Macy’s at least 30 times. getting transferred to four or five different people, before having to just leave a message.

“A sense of hopelessness because nobody will call me back with information,” Henson said.

She did get one call back from MHC, but they said they didn’t have any useful information for her. 

“I feel like I have to rescue him,” Henson said. “I just want to know where he is, that he’s safe.”

They’ve had Duke since June. Benson said he just showed up one day. They found and returned him to the rightful owners.

Then, Duke was at their doorstep again. The owners said Henson could keep him.

“And so, he kind of adopted us,” Henson said, “He’s a cat that kind of acts like a dog. He will follow you around like a dog, he comes when you whistle, he’s very gentle with kids, which is shocking.”

Henson won’t give up, after all, Duke is more than a feline – he’s family. That’s why she’s offering a $500 reward to anyone who helps bring Duke home.

FOX4 reached out to Macy’s but have not heard back.

If you see a cat that looks like Duke, reach out to FOX4’s Regan Porter at

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