IONA, Fla. (NBC) – A southwest Florida man and his pup are reunited after a tornado destroyed several homes and damaged others in Iona, Fla. on Sunday.

Glad to be out from under the rubble, Coco plays with his master (NBC)

Edward Murray was cleaning up debris after Sunday’s tornado that upended his home, scattering things “all over the place.” But Murray’s worries over his home, which was one of at least 30 mobile homes that were destroyed and more than 100 in the neighborhood, were minor compared to not being able to find his beloved puppy Coco.

When Murray was at a house with several other people when he got the call that Coco had been found. He said the dog had been trapped in the home for about seven hours before he was finally found.

“Like losing a friend, we did find him, we were all cheering, there was about 10 or so people in the house I was at and when I got the call we were all cheering it was like I was at a football game.”

Although he lost his home, Murray was filled with gratitude for all those who helped.

“It was so nice to wake up today as compared to yesterday and remember all the nice things people did, it just makes me feel so warm.”

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