Texas woman lived with her dead mother for 3 years

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SAN ANTONIO, Texas (CNN) — A Texas woman has been arrested after authorities found the body of her mother decomposing in a bedroom.

The remains were found during a child protective services investigation.

Investigators say the 71-year-old woman injured herself in a fall in 2016.

They believe no help was provided and, even though the injuries were not life-threatening, she died there on the floor in the home.

Delissa Crayton is facing charges and more could be filed.

Now, neighbors can’t believe the sad story.

Patty Santos has that:

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Joel Vasquez/neighbor (quick): “it’s probably like, what, 10 feet away from my bedroom window.”

Joel Vasquez can’t believe the body of a 71-year-old woman was decomposing just behind that window feet away from his home on Anderson and hidalgo streets.

Joel Vasquez/neighbor (quick): “I don’t even like coming to this side of the house anymore.”

Vasquez moved in about three years ago around the time police say they believe Jacqueline Crayton fell and was left to die and decay inside her bedroom.

Neighbors say the woman’s daughter and teenage granddaughter who continued living there were rarely ever seen.

Joel Vasquez/neighbor: “they are really secretive, they come and go, it’s like no one lives there.”

Jessica Barron/neighbor: “I’ve seen here less than 10 times and when we would see them pull up it would be late at night.”

Jessica Barron says she’s been glued to the news coverage about the findings across the street.

Jessica Barron/neighbor: “I feel bad for the lady, I hope justice gets served.”

She’s also worried about the quiet teenage girl and what she went through.

Jessica Barron/neighbor: “for her to keep it, you know, just not to say anything for so long.”

Neighbors still have a lot of questions about what happened in the cluttered, filled home.

They wonder if Crayton had anyone else.

Joel Vasquez/neighbor: “I’ve never seen anybody come and knock on our door, questioning hey have you seen my grandma, anything. It’s like they forgot about her.”

Now Vasquez hopes no one forgets about the house.

Joel Vasquez/neighbor: “I would hope they would knock it down and get rid of it.”


Delissa Crayton is currently being held at the Guadalupe County Jail on a $200,000 bond.

Her daughter is with family members.

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