“Tiny Mom” and her not-so-tiny twin daughters become overnight Tic Toc sensation

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ST. PAUL, Minn. (NBC) – A 22-year-old Minnesota mom has become a ‘Tik Toc’ sensation along with her twin daughters who are almost 36% of her total body weight.

In less than a month, Alexis Larue, known as the “Tiny Mom,” who, along with her two adorable and not-so-tiny babies, Camila and Elana, has become a Tic Toc star.

On Sept. 27th, Larue posted a video holding her 7-month-old twins, and now they’re the talk of Tik Tok.

“Hello everybody if you don’t know who I am, I am the girl who had the video of her babies go viral,” she says.

Each baby weighs 21 pounds and Tic Tok fell in love. Now, just weeks later she’s known as the “tiny mom” with 48 million views and seemingly just as many questions.

“This is me,” she says.  “I am 115 pounds, five three and yes my hands are a little bit big”

The twins were born in March weighing six pounds, six ounces and six pounds, seven ounces and since then they’ve tripled in size.

Larue and her fiance’ Leo say their kids are simply happy and healthy.

The tiny mom and her girls now have more than 700,000 followers and a digital family album delivering an endless loop of smiles.

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