(NBC) — NBC’s “This Is Us” returns with a new episode Tuesday and it’s one that was co-written by one of the series’ stars: Susan Kelechi Watson.

For Watson, getting to play Beth on “This Is Us” has been one thrill, getting to write for her has been another.

“It’s probably my favorite thing I’ve done on the show,” said Watson. “And that’s saying a lot because so much has happened on the show.”

Watson teamed with show writer Eboni Freeman to craft Tuesday’s episode, a follow-up to one from Season 3.

Which focused on Beth’s alienation as a young dancer. Now, at a new dance academy, she wants things to be different for her new students.

“I hope it will be inspiring for women, or anyone who has had to deal with feeling diminished when they were younger, or something made them feel small, and sort of holding on to that even in their adulthood,” said Watson. “And now having an opportunity to say, ‘No, I’m not that and I’m gonna let that go. And I’m not gonna let that define me.’”

But, tonight is not all about Beth. Watson had to write for other characters on the show.

“I could hear them in my head,” said Watson. “So I was like, oh, you know what, they would say that they would say it like this, or they would make this little joke or they would, it was really fun and I don’t usually have fun writing.”

The fun of making “This Is Us” is nearing an end with filming underway on the final six episodes.

“In all honesty, I thought maybe towards the end, last couple episodes, it would start to hit me,” said Watson. “But it’s, it’s already started.”

“This Is Us” airs Tuesday at 8 p.m., right after new episodes of “American Auto” and “Grand Crew” and just before “New Amsterdam” at 9 p.m.