Colon cancer survivor shares overcoming obstacles

We’re almost through the month of March, which is colon cancer awareness month. It’s a time that doctors want to raise awareness about this often deadly condition
He pulled out my paperwork and explain to me it was cancer and I can remember just freezing not knowing what to expect, said Petula Holden, Colon Cancer Survivor.
Petula Holden fights back tears as she talks about the day she was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer.I remember going in and I was just excited because I had not been sick all of 2017, said Holden.
At age 50, a routine checkup suddenly turned into a life or death situation.He said what I can tell you is that  if you had waited one week it would have been to your liver and all I would have been able to do is treat you,”said Holden.
Just one week saved Holden’s life. At that time I was thinking I have to choose life or death and I’m going to choose to live and I’m going to fight this through the end,”said Holden.After months of treatment Holden is now cancer free, but she is just one of 150,000 people diagnosed with colon cancer each year.

It can contribute to about 50-thousand deaths each year in the U-S, said Christopher Snead, Oncology, Hematology Christus Cancer Treatment Center.
Symptoms include blood in your stool, abdominal pain and change in bowel movements.Start screening at least by age 50 sometimes people need to be screened at an earlier age 45, said Snead.
Today Holden is advocating for early detection. Never put off the day for tomorrow. Live each day like it’s your last, said Holden.

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