SHREVEPORT, La (KTAL/KMSS) – Many families are using at-home COVID tests, but doctors say it is extremely important to check the expiration dates to ensure the most accurate results.

Dr. Joseph Bocchini, MD, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at Willis-Knighton Healthcare System, said all tests have a shelf life.

“Ultimately, all tests like that expire, and they should not be used after the expiration date. But for many people, the kits that they have now will have a better expiration date than when they first got them because of the ongoing research on how well the test will perform over a long period of time, “said Dr. Bocchini.

Bocchini said you should go online to check out potential updated expiration dates before you use the tests.

The FDA website provides a list of approved at-home COVID tests as well as guidance to determine the expiration date of the test.

According to the FDA, at-home COVID tests have a shelf life of about four to six months from the manufactured date.

The FDA does not recommend using expired at-home COVID tests.