SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Michael LaFitte’s resignation as president of the NAACP’s Shreveport chapter left many questions unanswered, but community leader and NAACP Board Member Craig Lee knows those answers and on Tuesday sat down discussed them.

While some board members claim Michael McClanahan, president of the Louisiana NAACP State Conference, on Sunday McClanahan said LaFitte willingly stepped aside.  

McClanahan said LaFitte spoke to him on Dec. 16 and said he wanted to resign and work on some other stuff. He added that he told LaFitte he would stand behind whatever decision LaFitte made, but it was his decision to make.

However, Lee said, LaFitte announced his resignation during an executive meeting earlier in January.

Lee added the board “never took a vote and there was never a consensus that we were asking Mike LaFitte to step down. It never happened,” he emphasized.

As a grassroots leader in the Shreveport community, Lee said he has advised LaFitte for several years. He said board members spoke out against LaFitte due to personality conflicts rather than concrete evidence.

“I called Alvin Oliver and spoke to him, Mike Williams and Lester Smith months ago and told them the information they were putting out was totally inaccurate, totally incorrect,” Lee said.

Oliver, who is assistant treasurer of the local organization, has complained about LaFitte’s involvement with a local apartment complex and called for LaFitte’s resignation.

On Sunday, Williams said he believes LaFitte’s poor leadership “was leading us in the wrong direction.”

But Lee explained LaFitte’s involvement with the apartment complex has been misunderstood.

“Mike got involved because he was contracted as an independent contractor to handle the rental assistance program that the Caddo Commission had put in place.”

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