SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Incoming Byrd High School senior Gabriel Tabor is setting his sights on space as he embarks on his final year at Byrd High School.

“It’s just a great place,” said Tabor. “Everybody here seems to be proud that they are from Byrd.”

His favorite subject is math.

“It’s just super fun. Forming the equations together always seems to be a puzzle and just solving it is so satisfying.”

Gabe said he likes learning pre-calculus and is ready to take on physics in the coming school year. He wants to use his love for math and science to prepare for work in the field of space exploration.

“I love space. I can’t deny. Space is awesome. Just the ideas about it. Physics entitles all the things that are interesting about science. It’s got enough math and enough science mixed together to create this awesome puzzle. There are the issues about photons having no mass but having momentum. There’s the issue with multiple dimensions and gravity is actually a fourth dimensional pull, and gravity itself. How it bends space-time. It feels so wondrous.”

He is visiting colleges to review their physics programs to major in astrophysics or in aerospace engineering, using what he has learned at Byrd High School along the way.

“So I would be able to implement some computer science knowledge that I learned from here and put it into astrophysics. They make codes to track asteroids and meteors going through space and how planets have certain orbits.”

He knows studying the final frontier is an ever-growing field.

“I feel like it’s going to be a cool future.”

Gabe maintains a 5.0 GPA and takes multiple AP classes.

“How do you balance it all? Lack of sleep,” Tabor jokingly said.

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He is the second oldest in his family, with older brother, Sebastian, and sisters C.J. and Andie. He says his mom keeps them all on the right path.

“She is extremely caring. She does everything she can to make sure I get the things I need for school. She goes way out of her way to make sure I can study hard now so I don’t have to worry about it later. All in all, she is the one who made me want to put all my effort into school and try for a good future.”

He said his dad is the real comedian in the family and you have to be quick on your feet.

“One of the most quick-witted guys you’ll ever meet. The dinner table is like a war zone because he is so quick to make random roasts and insults that you have to think for a second and then it immediately clicks. It’s so fun at the dinner table.”

He said his dad also taught him how to sail. His family just returned from summer vacation to Mexico.

Tabor is a very busy student. He also studies Japanese, got certified to fly a drone through a drone tech class, and has been playing lacrosse since the 6th grade, playing defense.

“It’s a super fun sport. Practices are tough though.”

He is looking forward to taking on his last year of high school.

“Of course, there’s the senior graduation thing and how we get out two weeks earlier, and the respect you get as a senior. Not really but it’s cool being a senior,” Tabor said.

An intelligent young man who loves his family, Gabe Tabor is making them and his Byrd family proud.

Gabe also gave thanks to his teacher, Mr. Wrobel, who is retiring this year, and Mr. Schwab, who taught him how to fly drones.

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