WEBSTER PARISH, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Minden 5th grader Pressley Wood is an avid reader who is so passionate about it that she successfully led a campaign to establish a book club at her school.

“I love reading and just imagining all these different places whenever I read and I just wanted to share that with other people,” the E.S. Richardson Elementary student said.

Presley enlisted help from one of her teachers, who says Presley impresses with her intellect.

“She’s so passionate about reading, so when she came to me with her plan and her vision, it was just like this is a 5th-grade student that wants to bring more reading into the school and her classroom,” said reading club sponsor, Carita Elkins.

Students in the reading club share their thoughts and predictions of what’s to come in the stories they’re reading together. Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA to participate.

“They have to continue to read and continue to keep those goals up to stay in the reading club, so it’s not just a one and done,” said Principal Michelle Finley. “They have to actually earn the participation each month.”

The school says its curriculum values the lessons learned from storytelling and has a book vending machine. Now, thanks to Presley, it has a book club to further encourage imagination and critical thinking skills.

“It just sounded fun,” Wood said.

The reading club also helps with their accelerated reading points.

For her love of reading and passion for sharing it with others, Presley Wood is our Standout Student of the Week!